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The now requires a multidisciplinary approach with a team consisting of a Head and Neck Cancer Treatment. and also the oncologist, reconstructive surgeon, one anesthesiologist, radio oncologist, medical oncologist, one pathologist, orator, swallow therapists, physiotherapist, dentist, occupational therapist, and medical consultant. there are  past treatment focused only on cancer-free survival. There are  more Issues such as cosmetics, speech, swallowing, pain relief, etc. they are considered secondary. In the recent years, as soon as the goals of such treatment have changed. Now, in addition to improving safety, Head and Neck Cancer Treatment is the best cancer hospital in pcmc, pune we are also focusing on improving our patients’ quality of life and functional outcomes such as normal speech, swallowing, taste, smell, and more. it also each member of the multidisciplinary team strives to improve the viability of patients. And a good team can provide excellent services with the support of advanced infrastructure.

Most involve surgery, or radiation with chemotherapy or a combination of all three procedures. This are the diffrent Surgery. they can range from complex surgeries to minimally invasive (keyhole surgery), such as Laser surgery, to robotic surgery. and also Most often cancer removal is immediately followed by plastic reconstruction surgery, wherever required

At Kshirsagar Cancer Clinic, PCMC, Pune India, Is the emphasis is on minimizing the impact of head and neck cancer surgery and best head and neck cancer treatment in pcmc, pune. on form and function (speech and swallowing), rehabilitation is part of planning the operation. The are integration of state-of-the-art technology in the form of robotic surgery and virtual planning of operations has helped us with precise and safe.

Common Options For Head And Neck Cancer Treatment In Pune

Here are some of the common treatment options for head and neck cancer:

Surgery: Surgery is often the first-line treatment for early-stage head and neck cancers. The aim is to remove the cancerous tissue and nearby lymph nodes. Depending on the location and size of the tumor, surgery can be performed using different techniques, including minimally invasive surgery, laser surgery, or traditional open surgery.

Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy uses high-energy X-rays or other types of radiation to kill cancer cells. It can be used alone or in combination with surgery or chemotherapy. Radiation therapy may be given externally, using a machine outside the body, or internally, by placing a radioactive source near the tumor.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy involves the use of drugs that kill cancer cells. It may be used alone or in combination with radiation therapy or surgery. Chemotherapy is often used to treat advanced head and neck cancers that have spread to other parts of the body.

Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that works by stimulating the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells. It can be used alone or in combination with other treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Targeted therapy: Targeted therapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs or other substances to target specific molecules or proteins that are involved in the growth and spread of cancer cells. It may be used alone or in combination with other treatments.

In addition to these treatments, patients with head and neck cancer may also benefit from supportive care, such as nutritional counseling, speech therapy, and pain management. It’s important to discuss the treatment options and potential side effects with a healthcare provider to determine the best course of action for each individual case.


Why choose our head and neck cancer treatment in pcmc, pune?

  • The head and neck cancer surgery in pcmc, pune. This team of highly trained professionals in various fields
  • Equipped with cutting-edge technology with the latest equipment
  • Our goal is to provide personalized and comprehensive oncology. it also care through a multidisciplinary approach.
  • We not only treat cancer, but also strive to maintain functionality and aesthetics with good viability.
  • Multidisciplinary Team All of our patients go through a multidisciplinary approach.
  •  where experts in various cancer specialists assess and discuss the patient’s case and treatment options before starting 

Personalized Cancer Care is just an appointment away!

Head and Neck Oncologists

A dr pankaj is a head and neck oncologists is a medical specialist who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cancers that occur in the head and neck region, including the mouth, throat, sinuses, nose, larynx, and salivary glands. These cancers can be very complex and require specialized knowledge and skills to manage effectively.

khirsagar cancer clinic is the best for Head and neck oncologists work closely with other medical professionals, such as radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, and radiologists, to develop personalized treatment plans for their patients. Treatment options may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, or a combination of these approaches.

In addition to treating cancer, head and neck oncologists in pcmc, pune may also work with patients to manage symptoms related to the disease or its treatment, such as pain, difficulty swallowing, or changes in speech or appearance.

To become a head and neck oncologist, one typically completes medical school, a residency in otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat surgery), and a fellowship in head and neck oncology. Board certification in these areas may also be required.

t cancer treatment centers, we also target head and neck cancer surgery in pcmc, pune using a variety of head and neck cancer treatment in pcmc, pune and technologies, and including radiation surgery and chemotherapy, as well as immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Your multidisciplinary team of experts will answer your questions and recommend Head and Neck Cancer Treatment options based on your unique symptoms, diagnosis and needs head and neck cancer treatment in pune

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The success rates can range widely depending on the specific type and stage of head and neck cancer. For early-stage cancers that are localized and have not spread to other parts of the body, the treatment success rates tend to be higher. In these cases, the five-year survival rate can be as high as 80-90% or even higher.

While a complete cure may be challenging to achieve, some patients with stage 4 head and neck cancer can experience long-term remission and extended survival with the appropriate treatment and management of the disease. It is essential for individuals diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer to consult with their healthcare team to understand their specific prognosis, explore treatment options, and develop a comprehensive care plan tailored to their needs.

The curability of neck cancer varies greatly. Some types of neck cancer, when detected early and localized, can have high cure rates. These cases may be treated successfully with surgery, radiation therapy, or a combination of both. For example, early-stage squamous cell carcinoma of the neck, which is the most common type, can have favorable outcomes with appropriate treatment.

 Treatment depends on the type and stage of the cancer but may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or a combination of these. The choice of treatment is individualized and determined by a medical oncologist or a multidisciplinary team of specialists.

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